Fanzo ranks the top sports news in real time at Super Bowl scale with Apache Cassandra

Fanzo listens to what fans are saying about their teams in social media, scores and ranks it, then presents to fans the hottest, most engaged stories – be it news links, Tweets, Instagrams or Facebook posts.

During the Super Bowl there’s twenty-five million tweets during the five hour window, and most of the stuff is really not that interesting. What we do is find the interesting stuff and then present it to users in real time.

Basically whatever people are talking about we pick it up and the more people are talking about it, the higher it scores and then we show the top stuff. There’s a threshold that something has to meet before it shows up in what we call a channel. You can go into Fanzo and you can pick your favorite teams and then we organize all the content into those team channels, so it’s a lot easier to use then Twitter or Facebook or any of those others because it brings all the information into one spot; and just the best stuff. It’s a great way to follow your team, and get up to date in just a couple of minutes.

I’m the CEO/CTO of Fanzo and built the system. I do development, business, and ops, because we’re just a small little startup and when we were building it there were three of us.

via Planet Cassandra